Do you dream of becoming an owner? Do you want to enjoy exceptional family moments in your second home? Buying a mobile home is the ideal solution! Invest with the
camping Ariege
La Roucateille and enjoy this beautiful region, whatever the season. When you buy a mobile home in a campsite, you choose comfort thanks to the services at your disposal. What are the advantages of buying a mobile home? How to choose it and what are the payment conditions? Find here all the necessary information for your future investment.

All you need to know about buying a mobile home in Ariege

Buying a mobile home in Ariege means opting for a solution ideally suited to your needs and desires. Our campsite offers you different models of top of the range mobile homes, giving you the possibility to enjoy all the comfort in an incredible environment. La Roucateille being located at the foot of the Pyrenees and a few steps from Toulouse and Andorra, you will be able to admire this nature which offers itself to you, all year long. Investing in a mobile home in a campsite is the advantage of being able to enjoy winter sports, when the snow covers our majestic mountains, but also outdoor activities in the summer. Today, we bring you a turnkey solution. This opportunity is possible thanks to our teams available to advise you and help you make the best choice.

All the advantages of buying a mobile home camping Ariege

Have you ever been tempted to become a homeowner? Don’t you dream of a second home where you could go on weekends or every vacation to enjoy your loved ones in an idyllic setting? Today, this dream can become reality thanks to the purchase of a mobile home in a campsite! What are the advantages of investing in a mobile home in Ariège ? Why embark on this adventure? Here are all the answers to your questions:

Why become the owner of a mobile home in Ariege ?

Buying a mobile home means making the right financial choice, but not only that. Here are some important advantages that may make you want to take the plunge:

The price
The financial investment of a mobile home is more accessible than buying a house, while offering you the many advantages of a second home.

A well-maintained mobile home can easily be kept in good condition for thirty years. By investing in a real house, you will have much higher renovation costs than a mobile home.

The comfort
By choosing a quality mobile home, you will benefit from all the comfort you need, while preserving your privacy. The mobile home is suitable for all age groups. Children and older people alike can benefit.

The rental
You save the price of a rental for each of your stays! Want to go away for the weekend or take a break for a few days? Thanks to the mobile home, you can enjoy the fresh air at a lower cost.

The advantage of a mobile home is that it is not subject to property tax or housing tax. However, you will have to pay a tourist tax.

The purchase of a mobile home is a truly beneficial operation! Indeed, you can sublet your mobile home when you are not using it! This will allow you to amortize your accommodation.

Family & Friends
With the purchase of a mobile home in a campsite, you can easily gather your family or friends without incurring any costs. It is the opportunity to enjoy your loved ones with peace of mind. Moreover, by choosing a high standing model, you will have a nice space for 4 to 8 people!

A year-round residence
By choosing a campsite open all year round, you can enjoy the landscapes of the Ariège in summer as well as in winter. Sunbathing and barbecues in the sun, but also memorable skiing or snowshoeing sessions!

Buying a mobile home camping with peace of mind

Investing in a second home in a campsite in Ariège offers many advantages. Among them, you can note:

  • Take advantage of all the facilities of the campsite. By investing in a mobile home in a campsite, you benefit from all the advantages of the latter, namely: entertainment, heated swimming pool, play areas for children, water and electricity, sewage disposal, etc.
  • The frame. By investing in a campsite in Ariège, you make the choice of an exceptional setting, whatever the season! In winter, thanks to its insulation, the mobile home is as pleasant as a mountain chalet!
  • Safety. Kept all year round, by investing in a mobile home in camping, you ensure a presence in your absence.
  • Reception of the customers for the hiring. By investing in a campsite, you have a team on site that can manage the sublease for you. If you are interested in this point, it will be set up via a contract with our team on site.
  • Entrance fee. When you buy a mobile home in our campsite, you don’t have to pay an entrance fee.
  • Installation fees. You won’t have to pay any installation or connection fees, our team takes care of everything!
  • Choice of the plot. You can choose the location of your mobile home!

All the advantages of buying a mobile home in Ariège

Buying a mobile home in Ariège means offering you the most beautiful landscapes in France. The Ariège is a land of history that will bring you peace and well-being. All generations take pleasure in walking on our good land. Indeed, by its nature and its many activities, it will know how to make all hearts capsize! History lovers will love to visit its various Cathar castles, witnesses of a strong historical past. Budding cavers can explore the region’s caves, while architecture lovers will enjoy strolling through the narrow streets of the old towns and admiring the timber-framed houses. All this, without counting the nature lovers who will not be left out thanks to the spectacle that the Ariège offers them and that, whatever the season!

Ariege tourism : all the visits and activities to discover

Let’s talk about the seasons… In winter, as well as in summer, the Ariège will delight you with its numerous activities. In winter, you will discover the joys of winter sports. Indeed, the Ariège has no less than nine ski resorts. Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, skiing or sledding and snowball fights are all yours! In the summer, you can enjoy biking, hiking, climbing, paragliding and all the water sports that tempt you. You are not a sportsman? Never mind ! The Ariege has many shopping centers, tourist sites, towns and villages to discover with their farmer’s markets, mountain lakes to read a good book, or stores and shopping centers to stroll around in the afternoon. Moreover, our beautiful department is located very close to Andorra. The ideal opportunity to discover new horizons.

To conclude, let us underline the ideal geographical position of the Ariège:

is located about 1 hour from the department. As a reminder, Toulouse is the 4th largest city in France.

Montpellier and Bordeaux
are accessible in 3 hours.

is accessible in less than 8 hours.

andorra 1 hour of foix

Andorra, the Pyrenees and Spain
are very close to the campsite.

Buying a mobile home in our campsite: how to choose?

Making the decision to invest in a mobile home will lead you to make two important choices: the model of mobile home and its location. Indeed, the choice of accommodation is important, since your new second home will have to provide you with all the necessary comfort, but the place where it is located is just as important! Indeed, its location in the campsite can be strategic. Let us help you make your choice.

Choosing the right mobile home model

The mobile home models we offer for sale are luxury models. What is the difference with a standard mobile home? Where an entry-level model offers a surface area ranging from 21 to 29 m², our models measure between 33 and 40m² with a premium covered terrace of up to 27m². As you know, the size of the mobile home will allow you to better define the spaces. In addition, by not exceeding 40 m², you respect the European standards which prohibit a surface greater than 40 m² for a mobile home. In addition, our luxury models are equipped with :

  • 2 or 3 bedrooms, depending on the model.
  • 1 or 2 bathrooms.
  • A fully equipped kitchen area : sink, gas stove, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, washing machine…
  • A dining area with a sofa that converts into a bed, television.
  • Terrace with garden furniture and outdoor kitchen with optional plancha.

As you can see, these models can accommodate from 4 to 8 people. Thanks to their size and design, they will allow you to stay with your family or friends while benefiting from delimited spaces, thus ensuring privacy for everyone. Wifi is included in the mobile homes in order to bring you maximum comfort.

Living in your mobile home in summer and winter

The top of the line mobile homes are built to withstand the hottest and coldest of temperatures. Thanks to their reinforced insulation, you will be able to enjoy the snowy landscapes of the mountains without getting cold.

How to choose the location of your new second home?

You have decided to invest in a new mobile home model, but are still hesitating about the location of your second home? To do this, we suggest you come to the site, to see the location of the available plots. Camping has many facets. Indeed, it can be as friendly as it is quiet. Depending on your lifestyle and your needs, you can choose a plot far from busy places or close to living areas. Our campsite has a grocery store, a tapas bar, playgrounds and a heated pool. So many parameters to take into account to define your location as close as possible to your needs.

Purchase mobile home camping: financial conditions

To buy a mobile home camping, two solutions are available to you: buying directly or leasing. Depending on your financial capacities, one or the other can be interesting. We will be happy to explain everything to you when you visit us, so don’t wait any longer and come and enjoy a free night in our mobile homes on display!

Buying a mobile home: before buying

Before buying a mobile home in a campsite, it is interesting to take into account the question of financing, but not only!
Indeed, such an investment requires checking all the conditions of purchase. To do this, here is a summary of the important points to check:

  • Insurance. It is mandatory. You must find out in advance about the prices and clauses that interest you, especially in the case of subletting to a third party.
  • Taxes. Even if your mobile home is not subject to property tax, nor to the housing tax, you will have to pay a tourist tax. Ask our teams on site about the amounts.
  • Rules and regulations. When you buy a mobile home , take the time to read the campsite’s rules and regulations to make sure that they are in line with your principles and way of life.
  • Subletting. You wish to rent your mobile home during the periods when you are away? For this, please do not hesitate to contact our teams. Thanks to an internal rental management system, we can take care of welcoming your tenants, but also of the inventory of fixtures and the cleaning of the mobile home for you. To do this, we suggest that you set up a rental management contract, the ins and outs of which you can study with our teams.

Buy mobile home camping directly

As we said, to buy your mobile home, you have two possibilities, one of which is to buy it directly. For this, nothing could be simpler. We advise you to go to the campsite to discover the available mobile homes and their pitches. You will be able to see all the infrastructures at your disposal, as well as the surroundings. Our team will be present to advise you in your choices. Once you have made your decision, all you have to do is start the purchasing process with our team.

You lack the means to buy a mobile home camping Ariege? In that case, why not invest as a family? If you intend to come only a few weeks a year, you could buy it as a co-owner with a family member or even a friend. This way the price would be divided by two. Then, you would only have to set up a schedule to determine which period each of you will choose in the year and which period will be favourable to sublet.

Purchase mobile home camping in leasing

You can proceed to the purchase of a mobile home by leasing.

What is leasing? This is a lease with an option to buy. In simple terms, this means that the campsite buys a mobile home and sells it to you. To make this purchase easier for you, it offers attractive monthly payments over a period of several years, depending on your abilities. When the contract comes to an end, you buy the mobile home for a symbolic euro.

Final purchase amount. The final purchase price will be indicated at the time you choose the model you like with the financing solution that suits you.

Monthly payments. The amount of the monthly payments will be defined with our team, according to your capacities. They will be indicated on the contract. The objective of leasing is to facilitate your purchase on the long term.

Why lease? The biggest advantage of leasing is that it allows you to pay monthly payments adapted to your income.

From now on, you have all the information you need to buy a mobile home in Ariège. Do not hesitate to contact our team at

and come and meet us. We take care of everything! All you have to do is move into your second home and enjoy the pleasures of your new life.

Frequently Asked Questions


Tout dépend du modèle choisi, s'il est neuf ou d'occasion, et selon les options prises. Tarif qui peut aller de 10000€ à 90000€.

À ce jour, nous proposons 2 mobil-homes de types et marques différents, afin de répondre au mieux aux besoins de chacun ; dimension, nombre de chambres, agencement des pièces de vie, conception de terrasse classique ou premium...

Sur l'achat de mobil-home neuf, oui. Les mobil-homes sont installés au fur et à mesure des ventes sur un terrain entièrement dédié aux résidents. Il y a alors la possibilité de choisir l'emplacement, l'orientation du mobil-home ainsi que la position et la taille de la terrasse qui l'accompagne.

Nous proposons des contrats qui peuvent aller jusqu'à 10 ans, afin de vous offrir la garantie de rester aussi longtemps que vous le souhaitez !

Les charges liées à cette résidence sont : le loyer du terrain, les consommations d'eau et d'électricité, ainsi les taxes de séjours.

L'avantage c'est de profiter d'une résidence secondaire sans taxe d'habitation ni taxe foncière.

Oui, nous proposons même un contrat avec une solution d'étalement sur 10 ans.

Oui, l'accès à la piscine, au boulodrome et à l'air de jeux enfants est entièrement gratuit et réservé exclusivement aux personnes qui résident ou qui sont en vacances dans le camping. En plus de cela, une connexion WIFI gratuite est offerte pour tous les résidents, et cela dans tout le camping !

Quant au bar à vin, il est ouvert à tous !

Bien-sûr ! Par l'intermédiaire du camping vous pouvez choisir cette option pour rentabiliser votre location de parcelle !

Pas du tout. Le mobil-home vous appartient, vous avez bien-sûr le droit de le revendre. D'ailleurs, le camping peut se porter acquéreur.

Bien sûr ! C'est même une solution choisie par beaucoup, entre frères et soeurs, entre amis,...

Oui, c'est l'avantage d'acheter un mobil-home dans un camping ouvert à l'année !