From the camping site to the top of the range mobile home, you will be our guests!

If you have arrived on this page, it means that you are curious, and therefore, that you are in the right place!
My name is Lucie, and I made my little investigation with the managers of the Ariège La Roucateille campsite to be able to share with you,
who they are, and the spirit you will find in them!

In a few words, who are you?

Delphine : Our story started in a campsite in Provence in 2008 ! Imagine the picture: we were in our twenties, I was a lifeguard and Gilles was a masseur in the wellness center of the campsite. Big cliché, but it worked! Since that day, we have never left each other!
I have worked in several positions in different campsites, which allowed me to know the outdoor hotel industry in all its forms: reception, animation, maintenance, technical, bar-restaurant, guarding, management assistant,…

Gilles: For my part, I continued my osteopathy studies, while following Delphine in all her projects. That’s how we settled in Ariege in 2011!

Do you have children?

Gilles: Yes, on the campsite you can meet our son Paul.
Born in 2015, he’s been growing up in the camping world ever since he was born! And in 2024, we’ll be celebrating the arrival of his little brother 😉

Why did you buy La Roucateille campsite in December 2020, in the middle of a health crisis?

Delphine : I have always worked in companies as if they were my own and I secretly dreamed of having my own campsite one day…
And then, the life made that we discovered La Roucateille in spring 2020…
A real favorite !!!! Wooded, flowery, quiet and authentic, with great potential for development, we knew it was the right time to embark on this wonderful adventure!

What is rewarding in this job is the versatility that it requires and all the encounters that you make day after day. We love the challenge and doing several jobs in one!

We don’t just want to take over and manage a campsite, but to see it evolve and put our own stamp on it?
As for the health crisis, we are convinced that campsites have a role to play in providing the space, freedom and well-being we all need!

What direction would you like it to take?

Gilles: Initially, we decided to upgrade the campsite by building a heated swimming pool and wine bar in the first year. Then, in the second year, a large play area for children and a catering area.

We’ve also done a great deal of work to plant the campsite with flowers, and to create spaces that are both well-defined and open, so as to preserve that natural, relaxing spirit.

In addition to our camping pitches and mobile homes, we have also decided to invest in top-of-the-range rentals, our “Premium Cottages”, to provide a new offering in Ariège.

We have something for every budget and every taste 🙂
If you’re looking for a comfortable holiday rental in the Ariege Pyrenees, you’ve come to the right place!

Finally, from June to September, enjoy a lively evening Wine Bar with open-air concerts, campfire evenings, themed meals and plenty of other surprises…

The advantage of the campsite ?

Delphine : Small corner of paradise hidden in the village of Montgailhard, and yet close to all the shops, with walks and hikes starting from the campsite thanks to the communal park which borders the campsite and the Cathar trail which is directly accessible on foot !

Gilles: The services! Especially in the small details that make our holidaymakers feel welcomed with open arms?


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Gilles: The land around the campsite already allows us to project ourselves!
We would love to thematize part of the structure with a medieval theme! With unusual accommodations decorated accordingly, and a whole universe around that would allow to immerse the vacationers in a theme that coincides with the history of the nearby tourist sites.
To be continued!

What would the world be like if your campsite didn’t exist?

Delphine: He wouldn’t know what he was losing! (laughs)
On a more serious note, we would say that if the world didn’t know about our campground, they wouldn’t realize what it’s like to be considered a guest and not a customer!

What is a guest for us?

– we enjoy preparing his arrival to receive him in the best conditions and we do our best to find a date and conditions of arrival that suits him, even if we have to adapt on our side for that!
– Whatever the time of arrival, we will welcome them with a smile and accompany them to their accommodation.
– During his stay, we will take care to see if he has everything he needs, and will share all the little things that will allow him to discover the area!
– Finally, we will do everything to be there when he leaves and wish him
“Have a good trip!